Skin Treatement

Skin Treatment

Skin Treatments from Skin image Faridabad comprises of treatments such as Skin Polishing and Acne Scar Removal.


Skin is the most sensitive outer layer of the body. It is sensitive and strong both. It faces all the hardness of Weather. It is very important for us that we care it properly if you are facing any issue related to skin you have to visit a dermatologist . Dr.Chetna K Ghuru is the best dermatologist in skin image clinic in Faridabad. You may contact her for skin treatment.


Face Marks could be disastrous psychologically as well as physically. You don’t have to be an actress or perhaps model to become troubled with a facial scar. Each and every individual likes to have a scarless face.


Skin Polishing therapy resolves the number of Skin issues including acne breakouts, facial lines, as well as picture broken skin. The therapy can also be customized to take away the dead cells-sometimes along with skins whenever much better answers are anticipated.


Individuals with post acne black or brown marks, scars, pits, melasma, and pigmentation, rough & dull skin can be helped with Microdermabrasion. . It will help with the lightening of your skin through exfoliation the superficial dead coating of your skin & encourages more healthy more recent tissue towards the surface area.