What is the cause of pigmentation on the skin?

October 24, 2017

Skin pigmentation can come in many forms. From the birthmarks we are born with to conditions we can develop later in life, skin pigmentation is dependent on a variety of factors and can mean many different things for our health.

Pigmentation, otherwise called hyper pigmentation, is a condition that obscures patches of your skin. These imprints can be vast or little. While the condition isn’t hurtful, it can be a manifestation of a basic restorative issue and can make your skin look uneven and unfortunate.

What are the causes of pigmentation on the skin?

When the melanin production in that area stops then Problems relating to the loss of pigmentation arise. There is no clear reason why it happens. Excess exposure to the sun may be responsible for causing white patches on the skin, which is the only symptom of pigmentation.

  • Allergies: Allergic reactions leave the skin vulnerable and cause inflammation. Even after the allergy is gone the hyperpigmentation remains for a long time.
  • Exposure by sunlight: Excessive exposure to sunlight causes pigmentation. The UV rays cause the cells to increase melanin production unevenly.
  • Hormonal Changes: Hormonal change is an important factor for pigmentation. Many times pigmentation is observed after use of birth control pills or pregnancy, due to imbalance of estrogen and progesterone.·
  • Genetic: Hyperpigmentation often occurs in those who have darker skin types, especially ethnicities like Asian, and African. If your parents suffer from hyper pigmentation, it is likely that you will face the same.
  • Chemicals from products: Several personal hygiene products contain chemicals that can cause pigmentation. These irritate the skin and cause overproduction of melanin.

Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is the condition or dim spots on the skin or uneven skin tone because of maturing, hormonal changes or delayed sun presentation. Our skin specialists at Chetna k Ghura will help evaluate the extent of pigmentation through visual examination and basis the result. This treatment is very normal now and safe and inexpensive too.

Dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr Chetna k Ghura says that while pigmentation is common, it can often are an embarrassing condition. “Many of us accept brown patches of pigmentation as part of growing older.